About Us

Since 1993 Allegro Industries Ltd. has been designing and manufacturing world class equipment throughout North America. As a major player in the Food Service Industry, Allegro continues to expand and explore new concepts and technologies while maintaining the highest quality standards.

With over 21 years experience in the food industry, Allegro has earned a reputation as a Smart Solutions Provider and High Quality Equipment Manufacturer. This reputation and continuing development has allowed Allegro, as a company, to transition into Pharmaceuticals, and Architectural Fixture manufacturing, while continuing to advance in the material handling industry.

The two owners Erik Nielsen, President (top) and Diego Ferraro, Production Manager (bottom) offer over 70 years of combined experience, in the custom fabrication industry. Clients can rely on Allegro and its ability to develop Processing Layouts and New Custom Equipment.

Allegro Industries Ltd. offers an exclusive service to the industry with the ability to integrate World Class Equipment from all over the world. With a fully computerized design office and large manufacturing plant, Allegro is in complete control of the mechanical design and fabrication of every System. Allegro develops custom equipment and process design that integrates all the necessary elements to complete the Client's vision.

Allegro is the exclusive Canadian supplier of the CO2 Hog Stunning System by Banns from Germany. CO2 Stunning is the most commonly used form of stunning throughout the world and is quickly becoming the industry standard for Hog processing worldwide.

Please take the time to visit the extensive Product Gallery and see for yourself the latest Architectural projects that have been completed and some of the most innovative equipment in the Food Service today.