Design Services

The associated firm of Norrie Engineering Inc. is available through Allegro Industries Ltd. to provide Professional Consulting Engineering services for such assignments as follows. The firm is registered as a member of the Provincial Professional Engineering Associations in Nova Scotia, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia.

  • Establish requirements for upgrading provincial approved facilities to meet CFIA/USDA/EU requirements
  • Develop designs, drawings and specifications for plant layouts, product flows, plumbing, piping, HVAC, and other mechanical and electrical services including low temperature (refrigeration) systems
  • Develop estimates of construction costs for above work
  • Provide pro forma operating cost projections for use determining the viability of projects
  • Provide Pre-Start & Safety Reviews for new and existing equipment, and processing lines as required in Ontario.
  • Provide complete plant designs for beef, hog, lamb and poultry slaughter and complete plant layouts for processing bacon, smoked meats, and sausage products.
  • Provide designs for edible and inedible rendering facilities
  • Provide designs for edible by-products processing (red and grey organs)
  • Provide design for custom equipment for specialized processing involving

    • materials handling (spent casing systems), warehousing, shipping, and receiving
    • thermal processing of food products (heating, cooling, and freezing)
    • fluid transfer and holding (brine makers, chilled water systems, etc.

In the past Norrie Engineering Inc. has undertaken engagements to:

  • Provide structural analysis, comments, and recommended revisions on:
    • lifting equipment
    • vat dumpers
    • column dumpers
    • overhead conveyor systems
    • Stairs, operator platforms, walkways, etc.
    • Bearing walls, etc.
  • Obtain CFIA. USDA, and EU approval of meat plant drawings, and resolve equipment issues with these authorities for use of new equipment
  • Submit drawings to local authorities to obtain building permits in accordance with building codes